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Megazone Mt Wellington - Auckland's Largest Multi-level Lasertag Arena
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Monday - Thursday 4pm - 9pm
Friday 4pm - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

School Holidays - 7 days*
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Open all public holidays*
*except Christmas day - public holiday hours will vary

Available outside these hours for private
events by prior arrangement


Video Briefing

Before your game starts you will watch a 5 minute video breifing that will explain how the game
is played and will go over the rules and regulations to ensure everyones enjoyment and safety.

Lasertag is a non contact game/sport that is completely safe for all ages from 7 years
or 1.2m tall and up.


There are Three Bases in the maze arena each represented by the team’s colours red, blue and yellow. To score bonus points from a base you must first locate the opponents base target, this is easy with the bright red light over red base and the bright blue light over yellow base. Then you need to deactivate any defenders, enter the base area and destroy the base target….. Look for a black dome with flashing lights around its edge inside the shroud hanging from the ceiling. Once you locate the target you must fire at the GREEN lights three times within 5 seconds to destroy it. Fire slowly 1….2….3 then you will hear a loud explosion and all the lights will turn off. This means you have destroyed the base and you will gain 2,000 points for destroying the base target. In a team game you cannot gain points by destroying your own base target….. sorry.
Once you have destroyed a base target you cannot gain more points from it yourself, other team members can when it reactivates after 30 seconds.


Be careful! Mines explode at random and anyone in front of it when it does will be deactivated for 20 seconds and will have 500 points deducted from their score. The mine is dormant when its lights are yellow and becomes active when its lights turn green. Watch out though…. If you see the lights start to alternate between red and green you have only 4 seconds to get behind cover before it explodes. Anyone still in front of the mine when it explodes will be deactivated and 500 points is taken off your score.


Members can log on to their vest prior to the game starting then their Alias will be displayed on their vest and on the scoreboard with their indidual score next to it. 


For your own safety and enjoyment we have some basic rules. Players who disregard these rules will have their game terminated and will be asked to leave the arena. Before you start your game please read the Maze rules which are on the wall in the site-kit up room at the maze entrance. Follow all directions given to you by Megazone staff.



Your laser is state of the art; it is light and robust – easy to hold for all. It is however designed for your safety. TWO hands must be on the laser before it can be fired. With one hand you pull the trigger, the other must be positioned to cover the sensor under the front of the Laser.


Our maze is set up for three teams. The vests lights flash either of three team colours, Red, blue or Yellow. The Megazone system is very flexible but there are two standard game modes normally played.


In a solo scoring game you are on your own. You can score points by tagging any other player regardless of their colour. You can also score bonus points by destroying both Base targets once each during the game.


In a team game you score points by tagging players on the other team only and by destroying their Base target. If you tag a player on your own team both of you loose the “hit by” points on the table below.


Depending on where you tag a player you score points. If you are tagged you lose points

  You hit: Hit by:
  Gain points Lose points
FRONT +200 -50
BACK +100 -25
LASER GUN +50 -12
BASE +2000 N/A
MINE N/A -500



Should you be tagged on the front, back, shoulders or on the laser you will be deactivated. You will hear an “Uh Oh” voice from your vest, it will vibrate and all your lights will go out. You cannot fire your laser again until you reactivate. Your LCD on the front of the vest will count down the remaining time to reactivation. Hide out of sight until your vest reactivates. You can only gain points by tagging other players who are active. Tagging an inactive player will not gain you any points.